Upcoming Cases Drawing Media Attention

A series of articles have hit the Namibian papers regarding the alleged sterilisation of women living with HIV. Here are a select few:

World Attention Falls on Nam Sterilisation Case
28 May 2010 – The Namibian
All eyes will be on Namibia next week when the case of HIV-positive women, allegedly sterilised in State hospitals without their consent, goes to court.

Sterilised Woman Speaks Out
28  May 2010 – The Namibian
“I LOST the right of becoming a mother…”
So said Vicky Noa, a woman who was allegedly sterilised without her consent in a State hospital nine years ago, in an interview with The Namibian on Wednesday. According to the 30-year-old Noa, who hails from northern Namibia, she was based in Windhoek at the time of the alleged incident.

Women Want Forced Sterilisation Busted
21 May 2010 – New Era
Women’s and HIV/AIDS organisations in the southern African region plan solidarity marches and petitions in support of HIV-positive women, who were (allegedly) subjected to sterilisation without informed consent.


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