Cases, Solidarity Action Grabbing International Attention

Namibia HIV women sue over forced sterilisation
BBC – 01 June 2010
Three women in Namibia are suing the state for allegedly being sterilised without their informed consent after being diagnosed as HIV positive.

3 Namibian women with HIV say they were sterilized
The Associated Press – 02 June 2010
Supporters of three HIV-positive women in Namibia who say they were sterilized without their consent held protests to support the women’s decision to sue the government, a legal aid group said Wednesday.

Forced Sterilisation trial Begins in Namibia
RFI – 01 June 2010
Three landmark trials have begun in the Namibian capital Windhoek after a group of women said they were sterilised by the state without their consent.The women went in for Hiv tests in two public hospitals and, after testing positive, they were allegedly sterilised without their full and informed consent.

Article in the Huffington Post

The Campaign is starting to get wider attention. Have a look at the article which appeared in the Huffington Post last week: Namibia Women Face Forced Sterilization

Cause gathering support

As of today, the End Forced Sterilisation Cause page on Facebook has 460 members – this after only a few weeks!

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