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January 2011

Scores of HIV positive women in Namibia were forcibly sterilized. A number of them have stepped forward in to sue the government for violating their fundamental rights. The hearings have sparked mass mobilizations and public demonstrations by HIV and human rights activists. Despite this, the Namibian Government has thus far refused to take the steps needed to end this practice. You can send a message to the Namibia’s Health Minister demanding that the government stop sterilizing HIV-positive women without their consent.

Send a letter to Namibia’s Health Minister demanding an end to the forced and coerced sterilization of women living with HIV.

See more here about the handover of our previous petition in June 2010.

47 Responses

  1. Good luck with the petition. ZARAN will be supporting your efforts.

    You should also consider putting your petition online using

  2. It is shocking to hear this that a Government is forcefully and illegally sterilizing HIV/AIDS women. I thought the Government of Namibia is well structured and knows the right of its citizens and is there to protect its citizens. If the Government refuses a citizen the right of procreation then i think they are just making a mistake and will soon correct their errors.
    No to forced sterilization Yes to equal right yes to justice.
    Justice must prevail for the forced sterilized women.

  3. I pray that an end come to this situation.

  4. Please end this practice.

  5. It hurts to be stripped of parental rights without consent when there are women out there who have babies just for a check and not because they want to bring a life into this world and nuture it..

    Please this is very painful very very painful

  6. It’s disgusting to see eugenics methods alive and well. I pray that this evil practice ends soon.

  7. […] support these women. Sign the petition today!

  8. This practice is “worse than evil” itself. Every citizen has a right to choose whether they like children or not irrespective of their social or any other status. No one has a right to sterilize someone without their consent – moreso secrectly!!!!
    Let us all unite and fight this.

  9. People Opposing Women Abuse expresses support and solidairty

  10. Hard to believe this kind of practices still exist. Changes needs to be done. May the government have wisdom to decide what is best for it’s people.

  11. Forced sterilisations infringes on an infected person’s right to raise a family. With modern medical interventions those that are infected with HIV may raise a child if they so wish and initial treatment is there to prevent the unborn child from getting infected with the virus.

    National Women’s Lobby Group of Malawi therefore supports the Namibian Petition.

  12. Please support positive woman’s leadership in the fight for our reproductive rights!

  13. Please sign us. And we totally condemn this kindly on attitude

  14. This is such an important cause. Good luck!

  15. I believe women’s rights are human rights and we are all responsible to assure that for all women.

  16. Please stop the inhumane sterilization of these women. Reproductive rights are humans rights.

  17. Stigma and discrimination amounts to nothing.

  18. Repudiamos, desde la provincia de Catamarca, Republica Argentina, la esterilización forzosa y apoyamos la solidaridad mundial en este tema. Atte. Red Argentina de Personas de Viviendo con vih sida- Catamarca

  19. …Shocking.

  20. I had no idea this was happening in Namibia. Please end this inhumane procedure.

  21. reproductive rights are human rights

  22. es hora de parar con toda esta barbaridad, no mas injusticias en contra de las mujeres y mucho mas en las mujeres viviendo con VIH. pongamonos de pies y demostremos al mundo entero que unidos podemos lograr muchas cosas buenas.

    Atentamente: red de organizaciones de personas viviendo con VIH/sida”Hermanos Unidos por una Luz y Esperanza de vida” HUPULEV


  23. Signed,


  24. Please add my name to the petition. The fabulous, brave HIV + women of Namibia deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and maintain reproductive freedom.

  25. That is certainly not right.

  26. signed!

  27. Welwitschia Development Trust in Khorixas will support your petition through and through.


    Edith Ingutia

  28. Please add my name to the petition.

    Kate Fincham

  29. signed,

  30. Solidarity for the Namibian people. *signed*

  31. Good luck.

  32. A very worthy cause! You have my support!

  33. Respect and protect the human rights of women living with HIV by ending this horrible act, and compensating them for their loss. I stand with you in solidarity.

    Henry Luyombya

  34. We also need to be Fathers and Mothers despite being HIV+. Denying us this right is worse off than what Hitler did to the Jews.

  35. […] in Namibia is an emerging human rights issue and the extent of the problem is yet to be discovered. Click here to read more and sign the petition. A new source of information is on the web. Women Won’t Wait […]

  36. Please add the Stanford Law School International Human Rights and Development Clinic in support of your work. Best of luck to you. Kathleen

  37. This is barbaric! Totally against Human Rights and completely unnecessary. Please add my name to this petition. Thank you

  38. This situation may become more far reaching in the future HIV community throughout the globe. How dare they!

  39. We support your efforts.

  40. To the Government officials of Namibia:
    Please stop treating women like they don’t have any rights, a voice, a soul. They are being abused by your health care system: Sterilizing them against they’re will, not consenting freely to this unjust procedure. You must stop this. We are all children of the divine creator and all have free will. Stop abusing women. Find a natural remedy to the HIV problem that does not bring anyone harm or pain. Thank you very much for your honest review in this matter. Aranka Penkov in Washington, USA

  41. Solidarity with women who speak out

  42. I support your efforts, the cases of Hilma Nendongo and Josephina Iphinge are not the only ones, just the ones we know. I think more and more cases should come forward in order to stop this it doesnt stop with HIV positive women it just starts there.

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